Adapting Nursery Rhymes to Promote Community Building

In a previous post I wrote about changing nursery rhymes to counter sexist messages and challenge gender boxes. I find that nursery rhymes are such a fun and easy way to engage in Activist Parenting, and my girls love them. We sing while I am preparing meals, as we are getting dressed, while we play with blocks or legos, or just to simply sing together.

A few weeks ago, while the baby and I were waiting as the toddler prepared and served us a meal from her play kitchen and food, we were singing the original versions of “Baa, baa, back sheep,” and “One, two, buckle my shoe.” I never really liked the first song and the second one is basically nonsense, so I thought ‘lets upgrade them!’

So I created a new version for each, on the fly, and they both happened to be oriented toward community building. They could use some fine tuning but in the meantime we are enjoying them and I wanted to share.


Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

Baa baa black sheep. Have you any wool?

Yes sir, Yes sir, three bags full.

One for our elder,

One for our friend.

One for the activist who lives down the lane.



One, two, stir the stew

One, two, stir the stew

Three, four, tea’s ready to poor

Five, six, pass the carrot sticks

Seven, eight, the bread smells great

Nine, ten, a potluck with friends!


photo by Robert Montgomery (license)

Adapting Nursery Rhymes to Promote Community Building
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