Anyone who has glanced through my blog posts can easily see I am super fond of adapting nursery rhymes toward a social justice slant. I have shared a few of my own renditions (and more to come!) but today I am excited to share the work and genius of others. I love finding projects that address social issues but are geared for toddlers.

Nina Crews created new photo-based illustrations for traditional Mother Goose rhymes and sing-alongs, set in an urban setting with characters of various ethnic backgrounds. There are an abundance of nursery rhyme books available, yet most of them don’t reflect the wide audience that reads them. Nina Crews brilliantly addresses that.


Holly Olsen authored Nursery Rhymes for Social Good: Alternative Poems for Future Activists. It was inspired by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and is designed to introduce global issues to young children and open conversation between them and their parents.






Holly also adapted classic rhymes to a gender equality theme.


Next time you take your little ones to the library, check out these books. Then let me know what you think!

Nina Crews and Holly Olsen: 2 people taking rhymes to the social justice level

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