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Confident Kids and Social Justice: the connection

Confidence and Social Justice: the connection As Activist Parents, I really believe that one of our focuses needs to be on raising kids with strong self-esteem and confidence. Why? Because high self-esteem and confidence is needed to… Intervene when they hear oppressive remarks or jokes. Speak up when they see bias. Befriend those who are…


Social Justice themed coloring books!

 Oh wow have I discovered a treasure trove of awesomeness and I am so excited to share with you! Quite by accident I came across The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae, a coloring book designed by a 6-year-old and her mother that teaches about black indigenous cultures. I will absolutely be purchasing one for my…


Celebrate social justice work and diversity: add these days to your family calendar

Below is a list of holidays and observances that are meant to honor the work of civil rights activists, celebrate major civil rights achievements, celebrate diversity, and/or bring awareness to social justice issues. Adding them to your family calendar, learning together what their significance is, and finding creative ways to honor the days is a…